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    Recherché Craft designs can be used extensively to beautify outdoor and indoor spaces of a variety of constructions and public and private areas. The utility and purpose are only limited by imagination. Be it on the facade of a building, a door, a partition or a peripheral wall, our products come in a multitude of designs that are stunningly exquisite, appealing to the finest of senses. Create an array of colourful motifs and designs, use our craft anywhere and everywhere, empanel and adorn your living space with exoticism and grace.


    Our intricately sculpted panels can be used over walls, as partitions, as supports, props, lighting filters, or privacy screens. The craftwork can be used over a range of commercial requirements such as shopping complexes, independent establishments, public buildings, public parks, promenades etc.


    Use our products to adorn your walls, ceilings, doors or windows. Beautifully sculpted metal or wood craft from Recherché can be used as supports or stands to display props, or as coffee tables. Customised products can be used as privacy screens or partitions within a hall or an antechamber or any other area.


    Use our weather resistant rich craft as Louvre Systems to filter excessive light and heat, while conveying subtle aesthetics. Exterior walls and facades can beautifully be livened up with our artistic cladding designs. Our modelled screens can be used as enclosures or partitions elegantly enhancing the inner beauty of a structure, which can further be complemented by elegantly carved supports for display objects or props.

  • Indoor

    Our CNC crafted panels considerably improve the appeal of walls, doors, tables, work surfaces, dining areas, library rooms and any other indoor areas. They can be used either as panels, decorations, rests or supports or even as decorative cladding. Indoor furniture can be aesthetically beautified across an entire array of products. A careful balance of lighting along with our elegant crafts creates a stunning ambience that is carried far and wide across memories of every visitor to the premises.


    Independent builders, community housing promoters, gated residential projects and apartments can make a great difference by incorporating our craft work across their structures. Gates, arches, vestibules, entrances, doorways, porches, socialising areas, balustrades and several other areas can integrate our craft and elegantly complement their grandeur. This not only enhances the general feel and look of the structures but also adds immense aesthetic as also additional commercial value to the projects.